Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Haircut - Long Layer (for all hair types)

Would you cut your own Hair?  After viewing this youtube video I am willing to give it a go.  

I have been longing to find a stylist who would cut my hair as I want it.  I really am looking for a basic long layered style.  I love volume and movement in my hair.  

Unfortunately, although I have tried several different stylists over the past 5 years, I seem to get the same generic hair cut.  Maybe the style I want doesn't fall into the trending hair style category, but should that matter?  I know what style looks best on me and it's what I want.

I recently found this video and I am going to cut my own hair.  Farah shows how to cut your own hair step-by-step.  My hair is such a mess and it's long, so I feel like I can do this!

I'm planning a trip to Sally's to purchase a pair of shears this week!

Would you cut your own hair?  Next weekend I'll be cutting mine!

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