Friday, August 8, 2014

A Chance to Live Another Day

One day in June, My Love and I were driving home after a wonderful birthday lunch. We were chatting and singing to the radio, enjoying the ride.  Have you ever been in a state of such bliss and happiness that the outside world seems a distant memory? Simply focused on the here and now, without distraction?  We were there.

And then we saw a car at a dead stop in the road just ahead.  What happened in seconds seemed to last for much longer. Everything began to roll in slow motion.  

My Love slammed on the brakes, realized that we were going to slam, at 65 miles per hour, into not just one car, but three or four cars. By the grace of God and quick reflexes he managed to swerve to the left onto a grassy median.  As we plowed through tall grass and weeds hearing plunks, dings and slapping, we passed the cars and swerved back onto the road to safety.  

Our hearts pounding with adrenaline, we were both quite shook up.  We just looked at each other and shook our heads knowing that we were for some reason given another chance at life.  I laughed, cried and then laughed again.  My emotions were scattered and I was desperately trying to hold it together.  I know full well that if we would have run into those cars we wouldn't be here right now.

We made it home in one piece and we both lived another day.  

I haven't told anyone about this incident.  I am still raw and bothered by it.  It is something I think about every day and probably will continue to think about for a long time.  

I have unanswered questions floating around in my mind about the reasons that we are still here to walk on this earth.  Why we were so fortunate to be spared and allowed to carry on and continue living our lives.  

My thought process has much changed since that day.  I feel as though I have been given another chance at managing and improving my life.  

My life could have been over on that sweet, sunny day.  And I wonder about those I would have left behind. 

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you thought it was over, but somehow you were spared?


  1. This is really moving and shows how fragile life is and reminds us the fact that everything can change in one second. We should all realize how amazing it is to be alive and make the most of it every single day. Great post my dear! Hugs and kisses to you lovely lady. XOXO, Elif

    1. Thank you Elif. You are right there is too much that we take for granted.

  2. It makes sense you would have unanswered questions but the reality of it is you are so blessed to be here. I'm glad you are ok and able to experience many more bliss filled days.

    1. 100% agreed. It's the unanswered questions that keep me focused on the gift of life we are so fortunate to be living.

  3. I am so glad nothing happened to you, Barbara! Sometimes we need an earth shattering event to make us stop and smell the roses in life. We all have so many little blessing in our day that we don't even realize but when something like this happens it put everything into a different light.

  4. So true Susie. It's so easy to just be carried along for the ride of life without really being a part of it. I definitely think about my daily experiences in a different way now. Simply being thankful for each day and sharing that with my loved ones is a blessing. Glad to see you're back!


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