Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Simple Way to Save Your Hair Biotin Review

Because I keep my hair shoulder length and it is brunette I notice the strands of hair lying around more than someone with shorter, lighter color hair.  Over the past few years, since entering peri-menopause the strands are falling out more and more.  The drain in the shower contains so much hair it stops the water from going down the drain.  My love wonders why I still have hair on my head.  I wonder too, but am thankful that I still do.  

I'd read numerous articles stating that adding a daily Biotin supplement would help with hair, eyelash, or eyebrow loss as well as with brittle nails that break easily.  Having all of the above it was my thought to begin taking this supplement.  But it easily slid away in my mind and I never bought any.  

As a member of Sverve I have opportunities to partner with brands that are beneficial to women. invited me to review their Biotin vitamin for hair growth. produces all their products in the U.S.A.  Each production batch is meticulously analyzed to strict F.D.A. standards by a cGMP certified laboratory.  I was thrilled and immediately accepted their generous offer.

Biotin is a building block for cell production.  By adding a Biotin supplement to your diet you will be giving your body essential nutrition that will encourage new skin, hair and nails.  This will lead to more hair growth, stronger nails, and clearer, healthier skin.  

I began taking 1 capsule every morning along with my other supplements.  After about 2 weeks I noticed that I was losing less hair.  The strands were not scattered around me as usual.  The drain in the shower was less clogged.  After taking Biotin for nearly 4 weeks I had an appointment for a hair cut yesterday.  My stylist commented on how long my hair had grown and that there was not much damage on the ends.  I can assure you this has Never happened before.  I am confident it is because of taking the Biotin supplement.  

I am so appreciative of Eu Natural for their trust in me and my opinion.  I truly love this product and Yes, it is working for me.  I will continue to use this supplement regularly on a daily basis.


  1. I love supplements, Barbara! I started taking a hair supplement about 6 months ago and I will never stop! I wash my hair everyday and I was noticing a lot of hair in the drain everyday but since taking them there is never hair in the drain anymore! And like you my awesomtastic stylist noticed new hair growth without me even mentioning anything to her!

    1. So happy to hear that you are reaping the benefits of taking a supplement for your hair. They honestly and truly work.

  2. I don't a hair supplement yet, but I have a friend who would love to have this information - I will definitely share it with her. Thanks Barbara!

    1. Your locks look thick and healthy, Dana. For those of us not as fortunate, this supplement works wonders.


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