Saturday, April 12, 2014

Does Your Skin Need Oxygenating Products to Breathe?

Have you noticed the new oxygenating skin care products that are surfacing?  I received 2 products from 2 different companies touting the benefits of oxygenation.  I wondered about this.  Does my skin need more oxygen?  Researching the claims was difficult.  After many dead ends I found a wonderful blog article by Hanah Tetro that discusses both the pros and cons of oxygenating skin care products.  Here are a few things that I learned.  


  1. Oxygen is known to give skin brightness and clarity.
  2. Oxygen products work to calm the skin, reduce inflammation and tone blood vessels.  
  3. Oxygen increases circulation and kills bacteria which keeps breakouts away.
  4. Skin that lacks proper oxygen flow looks dull and sallow.  Oxygen makes the skin look vibrant and healthy.


  1. The skin is not an oxygen-using tissue, in fact it prefers to metabolize without oxygen.  Plus skin cannot absorb it.
  2. Oxygen is a non-active ingredient.
  3. Oxygen is a gas and cannot be incorporated as a stand-alone ingredient.  There is no proof that it can stay in any product.
  4. It's not clear that if oxygen could be added to a product it would improve the skin's appearance.  

(Malin + Goetz) detox face mask

Winner of Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice Best of Beauty Awards (2008) 
An easy 5-minute foaming gel mask: Innovative, oxygenating cleansing agents replace harsh detergents and drying clays to deep-pore-cleanse, lifting dirt, oil and make-up away from the skin without irritation, while creating a physical barrier to seal hydration. Complex amino acids and natural almond extract gently and effectively purify, clarify, balance and soothe. Stable Vitamin C, antioxidants Vitamin E and Soy Protein help firm and address concerns for aging while instantly brightening complexion. 

While I like the written benefits of this mask, I fail to notice any remarkable difference to my skin after using 2 times a week for several weeks.  Waiting for the mask to oxygenate is interesting, the mask comes alive with bubbles.  I'll continue using this mask since the ingredient list is a complex mix of extracts and antioxidants which are beneficial to ageing skin.  

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer

Oxygenating Cream moisturizes, protects and softens: this universal cream meets, in a single product, the essential needs of hydration for all skin types.
Its special composition based on high-quality plant extracts and organic vegetable oils, such as Rosehip oil* and Sweet Almond oil*, helps ideally balance the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
Rapidly absorbed after application, it provides a makeup base for prolonged wear.

As it states this moisturizer sinks into my skin without leaving any greasiness behind.  It is light enough not to cause any breakouts or blemishes, yet offers well-balanced hydration to my combination skin.  

I agree that both products offer skin benefits, but do I believe that my skin is being oxygenated by using them.  I have to say I don't.  Companies creating products based on simple effectiveness rather than hype suit me better.  I'm not a chemist so maybe there is more to it than I am able to see.  For now, just call it what it is, but where would the fun be in that? 


  1. I so appreciate brutally honest beauty reviews!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your words. It's difficult to share an honest review, some folks get offended. But I have to to keep my integrity intact.

  2. I haven't used any skincare products yet with oxygen in them, but I'm glad you featured the pros and cons on them. Gives me something to think about next time I read the label.

    1. Reading ingredients is the best way to know what's in the products you choose. Thanks for dropping by Marcia.


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