Monday, March 17, 2014

Skinade ~ Drink your skin woes away ~ Giveaway

Next-generation Skincare

Skinade is a scientifically formulated collagen drink that works from the inside out.  It repairs, rebuilds and strengthens the collagen matrix below the skin's surface, boosts natural levels of hydration and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

Better skin from within

Developed by UK scientists and manufactured in the UK, skinade contains only the highest quality ingredients with no artificial flavors or coloring and fewer than 35 calories.  The patent-pending formula uses hydrolysed marine collagen and essential micro-nutrients. With natural tasting peach and mangosteen flavors it is pleasant tasting and an easy addition to your daily skincare regime.  

Skinade's ingredients work synergistically to achieve the best anti-ageing results for your skin.  

The collagen is Skincade is processed to create a low molecular weight enabling rapid absorption and transportation to where it is needed.  The collagen fibres formed, strengthen the collagen matrix in the dermis.  Drinking skinade also triggers the body's own natural collagen by stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts, the the cells responsible for new collagen regeneration reinforcing the collagen matrix.  

Collagen improves skin elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts (the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissue), and improves skin hydration and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  

This dual action makes Skincade a highly effective skincare solution.  Consumed on a daily basis, it effectively returns your body to a younger state of collagen production, resulting in a visibly more youthful appearance.

What results will you see?

These un-retouched 10 day before and after shots were taken by a satisfied salon owner.  The reduction of fine lines, pore size and smoothness is noticeable.

These un-retouched 10 day before and after shots were taken by another satisfied salon owner.  Fewer wrinkles and a marked improvement in hydration and texture.

Skinade benefits your skin

After using Skinade, consumers have reported the following results:

  • After 4-6 days skin is softer and more hydrated
  • After 10-14 days skin is more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing.
  • Between 2-4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • After the 4-6 week skin-renewal cycle the improvements continue to build with greater skin elasticity and further reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Individual results will vary depending on genetics and lifestyle.  But with continued use on a daily basis, your skin will continue to improve for as long as you make Skinade a part of your daily skincare regime.

Skinade is holding an onsite competition where entrants could win 20 days of Skinade by simply filling in the few fields onsite here.

What do you think about drinking your skin woes away?  I'm all for it!


  1. Wow, these results are amazing! I can really see the benefits!

    1. It's an amazing product. It's my hope that I'll win the 20 day trial. I would love to try this product out.

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed Marsha. The before's and after's are exciting.


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