Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cook'n Recipe Organizer Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

And I am thrilled that I was able to take part in this review for Cook'n.  

After the simple installation, I took the Cook'n tutorial.  I advise you to take advantage of this simply because there is So much that Cook'n has to offer.  I know that if I tried to manage my way around the site without it, I would have missed much of what the program has to offer.  

For me the best aspect of Cook'n is I am able to have all my Pinterest recipes n My Cookbook Library.  The process to create and capture  my Pinterest Cookbook took a few minutes, but was worth it.  

The next best thing is that I am able to access Cook'n on my pc, my ChromeBook and my Android smart phone.  This make shopping a snap.

For more information on Cook'n and the opportunity to win a Cook'n Recipe Organizer keep reading.  Good Luck and keep Cook'n.

Cook'n  Recipe Organizer v.11
Cook'n is the #1 Best-Selling Recipe Organizer and is the ultimate kitchen companion.

Cook'n is the Only Recipe Software that lets you:
      - Easily Enter your Personal Recipes

  • - Get Ideas for What to Make for Dinner
    - See a Visual Menu Planner
    - Auto-Generate Shopping Lists
    - Capture Recipes From Favorite Websites
    - Calculate Nutrition of Your Recipes
    - Capture & Sync Pinterest Recipes - Demo
    - Scan Printed Recipes - Demo
    - Discover New Recipes w/Live Feed - Demo
    - Print Themed Recipes - Demo
    - Use Snip-It to Capture Blog Recipes - Demo
    - Import recipes from Word - Demo
    - Share Recipes with Social Media - Demo
    - and much more!

Use Cook'n to Organize all your recipes. Cook'n is the perfect solution to organize your personal recipes. When you have entered your personal recipes into Cook'n you can:
  • - Create a family Cookbook
    - Share your recipes easily
    - Create menus and meal plans
    - Enhance the recipe by adding photos and stories
    - Get the nutritional facts for your recipes
    - and much more!
Enjoy the all new Visual Menu Planner. With the Visual Menu Planner you can create custom menus and meal plans.  Reasearch shows that those who use and effective menu planner are mor likely to:
  • - Save time by making less trips and by staying organized on what's for dinner
    - Save money by eating-out less beacuse they are prepared to make delicious home-cooked meals.
    - Eat healthier by planning healthy menus and meal plans. And avaoiding convenient foods rather than nutritional foods.
    - Save gas by making less trips to the store and on fast-food pickups.
Analyze Recipe Nutrition using Cook'n. Stop guessing what nutrients are in the foods you are eating. Use Cook'n to help you stay organized in your dieting! Analyze the nutritional elements of recipes and menus (even the ones you add!) Cook'n makes it simple to calculate the nutrients your body is receiving. After typing in a recipe or importing one from the internet, simply click a button for the information you need. Save you a ton of time by analyzing nutrition in seconds!
Save Time and Money with the Cook'n Shopping List Generator.  Cook'n also calculates the approximate cost of your shopping list. Cook'n automatically combines the food on your menus and makes a grocery shopping list. It even converts tablespoons of tomato paste to 8 oz. cans! Cook'n organizes your shopping list by aisle to save you time at the store.With the Grocery Shopping Assistant you can:
  • - Organizes grocery shopping list items by aisle
    - Compiles your family's grocery shopping list automatically
    - Calculates your grocery cost
    - Converts to package sizes (ie; tablespoon tomato paste to 8 oz. cans)
    Organize your Pinterest Recipes in Cook'n. Cook'n will Automatically import all of your Pinterest recipeswith one click and synchronize the two so any new recipes that you Pin will automatically appear in Cook'n! It's not magic... but it's pretty close to it!
    Once your Pinterest recipes are in Cook'n you can:

    • - Create Menu & Meal Plans
      - Share them with Friends
      - Generate a Shopping List
      - Sync them to your Phone
      - Analyze nutritional values
      - and much more!

    Scan your printed recipes or Shoot a Photo of them.  With the new Scan-It feature, it's easy to get all of your printed recipes into Cook'n without having to type any of them!  Importing recipes you clipped from magazines and newspapers is easy... just scan them! Or, take a picture with your mobile phone. Use the Scan-it feature to translate scanned recipes to text and use the Snip-It tool to copy & paste the text into Cook'n with just a few clicks!

    Capturing Recipes from blogs and other unformatted websites is easy with the new Snip-It Tool.
    Most of the time, you can capture internet recipes with just one click. However, this doesn't work with web pages that are not formatted properly (like the recipes posted on many blogs). Enter Cook'n Version 11.
    When Cook'n Version 11 detects web pages that are not marked up properly, it will automatically split the screen and display the Snip-It toolbar in the middle. Simply highlight the recipe directions and click the Directions button. Highlight the recipe ingredients and click the Ingredients button. With the new Snip-It Tool capturing recipes from your favorite blogs is a snap!
    Let the World's Best Recipes Come to You!  Looking for recipe inspiration? Rather than browsing allrecipes.com, foodnetwork.com and other recipe websites, just launch Cook'n! As soon as a new recipe is posted on the web, it will appear in the Cook'n Live Recipe Feed. Customize your recipe feed and follow your favorite websites easily. Click the recipe to see more or simply drag & drop it to save it in your personal cookbook.

    Print your recipes on beautiful themed 3x5, 4x6 and full page printouts. The themes in Cook'n are great! And, they're getting better all the time! Now, with Cook'n 11, your printed recipes can look just as fantastic as they do on the computer! In Cook'n 11, the print preview window is embedded inside Cook'n. And, the new printing tool is capable of printing themed recipes in all formats (3x5, 4x6, and full page). Add pizzazz to your recipes and share them in style with Cook'n 11!
    Cook'n makes sharing your favorite recipes a snap! Post your favorite recipes on Facebook or pin your recipes on Pinterest with just one click! Print a family cookbook and give a gift that everyone will treasure or simply e-mail a recipe to a friend. Tweet your recipes, embed your recipes in your web pages, and link to them. Sharing your favorite recipes with Cook'n has never been so fun!
    Share your recipes on:
    • - Pinterest
      - Facebook
      - Twitter
      - Google+
      - Email
      - Text
      - Printed Cards
      - PDFs
      - Blogs
      - Websites

    Sync to the Cook'n Cloud.  The Cook'n Cloud provides an off-site backup of your valuable recipe collection to keep your recipes safe and to protect against viruses, computer system failures, hard disk corruptions, and data-loss. The Cook'n Cloud also makes it easier than ever to synchronize recipes between all of your Cook'n apps. For example, recipes entered into Cook'n on your PC will automatically appear on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and other PC's.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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    1. I love that it can organize all of my Pinterest recipes! My page is out of control and this would be so wonderful to have!

      1. My Pinterest recipes were so scattered, but now they are available in one area and no more clicking, clicking, clicking to find each one. Good Luck!

    2. I think the print out part would be my favorite! I love being able to see things off of the computer every once in a while

    3. It looks like an interesting app :)

      Lu. www.balgarka.co.uk

      1. I am thrilled that I was picked to review it. Cook'n has allowed me to streamline all my recipes. Good Luck!

    4. ohhh I love the idea of pulling my pinned recipes in....I have quite a few, and sometimes finding the one I want it hard.

      1. Hi Shauna, so happy that you were able to stop by and visit. Cook'n will help you tremendously. Good Luck!

    5. Happy Valentine's day dear ! xx

    6. I think I might need to do this since my Pinterest recipes are all over the place ---sometimes I can't find what I need, WHEN I need it!

      1. Marsha, you really should try it out. It is fantastic at organizing all the recipes you have pinned.

    7. Whoa! I think organizing Pinterest recipes, making meal plans, cookbooks out of things... it all sound awesome!! :)

    8. Yay! I'm all for anything that can help me full force with dinner & lunches.

    9. I would love to use this program to meal plan and to collect recipes from online....it looks fantastic!

      1. It is fantastic Janelle. And congratulations you are the winner.


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