Monday, January 13, 2014

joseph nogucci Patronus Charmballa Bracelet

I received a magical Limited Edition Enchantium Collection bracelet from joseph nogucci called Patronus Charmballa Bracelet.* Yes, this bracelet was inspired by one of the most popular wizards of our time;  Harry Potter. With 11 beads and 4 dangling charms woven on black nylon cord, this bracelet is eye-catching as well as mysterious.

Adorned with the symbol of the three brothers to protect and bring strength, this fascinating wrist piece features the lightning bolt that started it all.
Ruby red crystals complement the black nylon braiding and keep the Philosopher’s Stone close at hand.
And how could we forget about the Quaffle.
Also represented are two green-eyed silver owl charms to characterize our wizard’s loyal feathered companion, and little Pigwidgeon.
Black beads with silver stars bring invisibility a whole new meaning. 
Last but not least, at the forefront of this magical piece of arm candy is a sparkly golden crystal shamballa with silver dangling wings representing the fast and elusive game-winning
While this bracelet is intended for a young Harry Potter fan, I have fallen in love with the simple clean look and wear it when I'm feeling a bit whimsical.  It is definitely a conversation starter and draws many admiring glances.  This is the second bracelet that I have been lucky enough to review for joseph nogucci.  My first bracelet was the IRIS bead and charm bracelet.  Although the two bracelets couldn't be more different, the same attention to detail and quality are apparent in both.

You can purchase your very own joseph nogucci Patronus Charmballa Bracelet here.  For a limited time this bracelet is available for $29.00, rather than $49.00 and includes Free Shipping.  

What a lovely way to bring in the New Year with a bracelet that most certainly will bring magic into your life.

*I received this item courtesy of joseph nogucci to facilitate this post.


  1. Beautiful bracelet--very whimsical and looks like it would go well with any wardrobe!

  2. Beautiful bracelet and so full of meaning! I love such pieces.

    1. I do too Olga. Symbolism and meanings are very important for me.

  3. I NEED THIS. I'm such a HP geek. :)

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments. I'm following your blog on Google+. A very Happy New Year to you too! xx

    Louisa (My Family & Abruzzo)

  5. Cute bracelet, love that!!!
    Have you heard about L'Oreal's Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara?
    Check it out at - its lovely :)

    Stay pretty! xxx

  6. This bracelet is tooo cute! Love the Harry Potter inspiration.

    xx Cissy

  7. Beautiful bracelet!:)


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