Friday, December 20, 2013

Luxurious Embellishments

This season jewelry is anything goes.  The bigger and bolder the better.  

My favorite look includes vintage inspired gem encrusted pieces.  Taking us back to the 20's and encompassing past generations these standouts are timeless and elegant.  Pairing with simple clothing staples allows your cherished accessories to stand out and pop.

Gary Pepper blogger Nicole Warne

Following Nicole's lead here are a few pieces that fit the romantic statement she makes.

Luxurious Embellishments

I fully embrace the vintage romantic look.  

Christmas 2012 with my boys Billy and Vance


  1. Love the jewellry in this post!
    Also, the black and white stripes look so fab on that girl!
    I see where your son's get their good looks from, haha :)
    Have you seen what my house looks like at Christmas?
    Click to see my new post - SANTA BABY! :)

    Hope you have a merry Christmas doll,
    stay pretty.


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