Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Old is YOUR Skin? Simple Quiz.

I have been told I have great skin, for my age.  I'm 48.  

This photo was taken by my Mom on 12/24/12, I was 47
When I look in the mirror I see the beginnings of upper lip lines and my neck and jaw line are showing signs of droopiness.  Around my eyes there a few wrinkles, although I have dark circles and bags, which according to my Dermatologist are due to my chronic allergies.  Overall my skin is holding up.  I have used Retin A off and on over a 25 year period for cystic acne and lately to help plump up my skin smoothing out the wrinkles.  I've also added hydroquinone skin bleaching cream to help with the skin discolorations caused by too many years of baking in the sun.  

My basic skin care routine is fairly simple.  I am not loyal to any brand and consistently change the brands I use.  One of the reasons I jump around with skin care products is I feel that my skin does better if it is surprised every few months.  This may not make sense to aesthetician's, but it works for me.  

Cleanse, exfoliate, anti-ageing serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Cleanse, apply a pinkie tip of Retin A and hydroquinone cream mixed together all over my face, neck and under eye area.
On alternate days
Cleanse, exfoliate, vitamin c serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

I found a terrific tool to find your skin's apparent age.  It's a simple quiz that will analyze your skin based on what your skin looks like today.  This is not a word quiz, there are photos of real facial areas and you choose which photo best matches your skin.  Then based on your truthful answers you will have the age of your skin along with suggested products by Vichy Laboratories.  I may or may not purchase products from them, but I have a few different options now.

Take your Vichy Skin Apparent Age Analysis here.  There are 3 analysis's you can take.  Anti-aging, Hydration and Oily Skin & Imperfections.  Choose which analysis suits you.

Discover firmer, wrinke-free and younger looking skin

Discover hydrated, soft and comfortable skin

Discover clear and purified skin

According to Vichy my skin's apparent age is 36, thank goodness since my Love is 38!  

Are you willing to take the skin analysis?  What is your skin's apparent age?

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  1. I took it - my skin's age is 34. I'll take it! I do take care of my skin, but genetics do play into aging as well. Unfortunately I don't think I have that in my favor. If you ever come across a skin product you love, please share it with us, Barbara.

    1. Dana, you have gorgeous skin. But, you are right, genetics plays a huge role. Fortunately both my parents have very few wrinkles and are ageing nicely. Crossed fingers it holds over to the children.

  2. Your skin is perfectly fine!
    I dont see any eye bags or dark circles! :)
    Have you seen the new face of Chanel?
    Click to see the new commercial starring Marilyn Monroe,
    & never before heard audio which Chanel have released! "Chanel No.5 of course!" ;)

    Stay pretty, xxxx

    1. Thank you for the compliments Simmie, I appreciate them. Heading over to you now. xxx

  3. Hellow,
    One of my doctor has recommended to use this serum. And also he has commended me to use spectra ban sunscreen for penetrating skin. By seeing this some of the examinations i am little bit anxious to use. Is this serum is suitable for all skin types? If i have to use this together.. What should go first on to skin whether sunblock or serum? Please reply guys... Vitamin C Serum for men


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