Sunday, November 17, 2013

Old School Blogging November

I was delighted to find that Elaine and Brittany are again hosting Old School Blogging.  November's meme is a series of questions Elaine first asked back in 2008.  As Alison wrote "Wouldn't it be fun to do this again in 5 years, and see how much the answers have changed?"  


Where is your cell phone?  Laying on the current book I am reading right beside me.

Your significant other?  Would like to remain anonymous.  I call him My Love.

Your hair?  Is growing out from yet another cut I'll call stylist's choice since it was her choice and not mine.  Aargh...when will I find a stylist who will cut my hair the way I want it, not the way she thinks I want it?  

Your Mother?  Generous, loves her family, fills many roles for many folks, and doesn't save enough time for herself.  

Your Father?  Volunteers for Meals on Wheels and Hospice, loves soccer and his grandkids.

Your favorite thing?  My Google Chromebook.

Your dream last night?  Cannot remember.

Your favorite drink?  Coffee with hazelnut creamer and an Old Fashioned for a cocktail.

Your dream/goal?  To be happy for all the  days to come.

The room you are in?  The dining area at the kitchen table, my favorite place to be.  It's the hub of this house.

Your Fear?  I'm claustrophobic, enough said.  

Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Back up north in a charming home with land, making a comfortable living, and with my 2 boys and their families close by.

Where were you last night?  Making a large pot of sauce with meatballs and sausage over spaghetti with a large bottle of red wine.

What are you not?  Artsy or creative.

Muffins?  Oh my, I can't go near them for fear of devouring each and every one I see and smell.

One of your wish list items?  A new watch.

Where you grew up?  Bridgeport, Connecticut

The last thing you did?  Booked our room for our weekend visit with family in Palm Bay, FL.

What are you wearing?  Ivory t-shirt, jean capris and flip-flops.  

Your TV?  If not for My Love, I would never turn it on.

Your pets?  Sadie May ~ Dog, LuLu Belle ~ Cat, Dossee ~ Snake

Your computer?  Optiplex GX620

Your life?  Busy, busy, busy...

Your mood?  Anxious.  We just bought a car this afternoon and now have another car payment again.

Missing someone?  My grandson.  I have a slight cold and couldn't see him today.  Didn't want to pass anything on.

Your car?  Just bought this afternoon.  Mercury Milan.

Something you are not wearing?  My glasses or contacts.

Favorite store?  TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning.

Your summer?  HOT and sweaty.  Thank God for the pool and rain!

Like someone?  I like loads of different people.

Your favorite color?  White.

When was the last time you laughed?  A few minutes ago, My Love with his nutty antics always crack me up.

Last time you cried?  Sometime last week...just because.

What is one thing on your to-do list?  De-clutter the house.

I'm thrilled that Old School Blogging is back.  It's a fun way to get to know more about me and the others that participate.

Won't you join us?  


  1. Thank so much for linking up! Your grandson is adorable I know I would miss him too! I get you too, I always want to be back up North!

    1. Isn't it true we always want what we don't have. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I get a little claustrophobic too! And I hate it!

    1. I absolutely hate that I have this fear. One fear that I have overcome that goes hand and hand with the claustrophobia is flying. As long as I have the air blowing full blast on my face I'm just fine.

  3. Wow, we have much in common. I was born in Bridgeport CT and grew up in Milford. We live in Winston Salem NC now, but I dream of being able to be back home with all our family. It is such an expensive state though! I am also a bit claustrophobic and our new car loan is giving me sleepless nights. I detest being in large debt. Having 2 boys in college is doing it to me as well. Like you my darling husband of 31 years is the light of my life and makes me laugh a lot!
    Love the questions (and answers), have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Shellie. What a small world. Growing up we spent a lot of time in Milford. We had close cousins who lived there. Right now we are attempting to pay down our debt, although now we have a new car payment. Ah well...

  4. Congrats on your new car! I didn't know you wanted to move back north - you'd have to trade in those flip flops for boots!

    1. Yes, Dana. I'd like to, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the cold. My Love has always lived in Florida, so the challenge will really be can he handle it. We are planning a visit in February or March to get the Real feel of Old Man Winter.

  5. I love TJ Maxx too!! It's such a great place! And Bridgeport is so close to where I live! These are so fun to read.

    1. I can hardly believe that two folks have lived or are close to living in my home town. It's truly amazing how small our world is.

  6. Nice to meet you! Your grandson is beautiful and so are you! I loved reading about your family. You are blessed!

    1. Oh my, thank You very much. And you are so very right, I am blessed.

  7. Aw, your grandson is adorable!

  8. This was so fun to read,
    your favourite drink sounds so delicious! I wanna try that coffee :)
    Have you seen my baggy jumper's and beanie's post?
    Click :)

    Stay beautiful XOXO

    1. Love my hazelnut coffee, it's the best at waking me up and getting my day started on the right foot.

  9. Such a cute blog and a cute baby! I am your new follower on facebook, google + and blogloving. Feel free to follow me back. Here are some of my links :-):

    1. Hi Olya, I'll definitely head over and take a peek at your blog, etc. Thank you and thank you.

  10. What a fun series of questions and I enjoyed learning more about you :)

    1. I really do enjoy the meme's that Elaine comes up with. So easy to answer and fun to learn little tidbits about everyone.


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