Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ideas for Fall layering I would never have thought of

Layering is a style staple that I have not mastered.  I admit I really haven't had the courage to attempt the art of layering.  I'm afraid that adding layers of clothing to my layers of extra pounds would be a bad mix.  In order to achieve a more polished look in the coming cooler months I have decided to look into how I can make this work for me and for you too!

The Art of Layering

One thing I have learned in my research is trying to hide my size under large, ill-fitting clothing is a no-no.  Clothing should be in the appropriate size and fitted to the body to create a smooth silhouette.   All pieces should be in proportion to your body shape and height.  Taking the time to find the perfect size is a must and something we shouldn't hesitate to do.

  The perfect finishing touch to any casual look.   Versatile, this vest can be layered over a casual t-shirt or structured blouse.  Paired with your favorite jeans and boots you will be prepared for temperature changes with ease.  

Ann Taylor Loft Sherpa Vest

Looking at these items from BANANA REPUBLIC separately would you imagine they could be layered into a trendy, chic layered look for the holidays?  I didn't.

Banana Republic Layering Items

 With some imagination and help from the designers at BANANA REPUBLIC I really believe this is a look that most women can pull off.  Classic elegance with a touch of now.

Banana Republic Layering Items by allmylivesnow featuring Banana Republic

Pairing a traditional four pocket cardigan with a sequined tiered shell and skinny jeans all in the same hue would never have occurred to me.  Somehow, this look works and is something I wouldn't think twice about wearing.

Ann Taylor Loft Layering

I am thrilled that I decided to undertake the mission of deciphering the code of layering.  With a bit of thought I know that I can conquer the uncertainty of what is for me a HUGE issue.

Do you struggle with layering?  Or do you have a different dilemma you deal or don't deal with?


  1. Love the sherpa vest :)
    Have you heard about Victoria's Secret Fashion show, and the 10 million dollar bra?!
    Check out my blog - for exclusive pics & my fave outfits from the night!

    Stay beautiful xxxx

    1. Hi Simmie, I'm heading over now to see what you've picked.

  2. I love to layer, and I keep each layer relatively thin so I don't look bulky. My favorite is a cami or tee with a cardigan - I'm going to check out that last outfit from Loft right now!

    1. Dana, I think keeping the layers thin is the key. I love the Loft outfit too. Casual and dressy all in the same breath.

  3. Layers are great. I love all the textures mixed together...totally agree with the above that they should stay thin though! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37 and for your kind comment!

    1. And I thank you for returning the favor. I am trying to figure out layering and learning from ladies like you.


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