Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aran Jumper aka Fisherman's Sweater

A classic fisherman's sweater is a bulky garment with up to six complex textured cable patterns.

   Some of the stitch patterns are said to represent unique symbols with a deep meaning to the wearer.

The honeycomb mimics the hard-working bee.  

The cable a wish for safety and good luck in fishing.  

The diamond for success, wealth and treasure.

The basket for a plentiful catch.

Traditionally, the sweaters are made of an undyed cream colored bainin, a yarn sometimes made with black sheep wool.  Originally made with unwashed wool still containing natural sheep lanolin, which made the garment water-repellent.  

Aran Jumpers have come a long way from the sweater of choice for fishermen to a chic favorite of chic women all over the globe.   

At the moment I am a chic woman without a fisherman's sweater.  That will be changing.  My favorite is the Ribbed Polo Neck Sweater with Criss Cross Pattern.  It's on it's way from

Aran Jumper aka Fisherman's Sweater

Do you own an Aran Jumper?  Which style?


  1. Love the sweaters <3

    1. Thank you, so do I. Now I have to decide which one I will buy. So many choices.

  2. Cutest cream jumper :)
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