Monday, September 9, 2013

Mondays Motivation

This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish.  It is something that is completely foreign to me, although I am learning the lay of the land fairly quickly.  

Since my love continues to eat whatever he wants it's been a bit of a challenge to fit this mindset to our shared meals.  One recipe that has worked for us is as follows.

Lean meat ~ chicken, beef, pork
Any non starchy veggies ~ mushrooms, onions, green beans etc...
Low sodium  organic vegetable broth
Simmered together til done and served over mashed sweet potatoes

He loves it and it is healthy and simple to prepare.

Another item we are sharing is spaghetti squash.  Cooked you can treat it as you would regular grain spaghetti.


Week 3

Exercised 4 times this week, still missing the mark.  Must get energized and workout every day next week.

Eating is still easy, although it does take much more planning and this is a bit more difficult.  

Only one cheat meal this week with cocktails.

Weight lost 2.2 lbs  YIPPEE!!!

Total 6.2 lbs

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Recognition is the greatest motivator.