Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday's Window

A peek into what my world looks like today.

LuLu Belle relaxing in the shade.

Let me introduce LuLu Belle.  She adopted us about 5 years ago.  One day while we were sitting on the porch after work she appeared, out of nowhere.  Posted by PicasaShe was very skittish at first and wary of us.  She would creep up to the porch daily, spot us and run away.  Slowly after about 1 week of this she decided that she could trust us, also I think the smell of the cat food enticed her.  On closer inspection we realized she is blind in one eye and had a long scar running along the top of her head.  Immediately, I thought, someone is looking for her.  Who would spend so much money on surgery and then let this beautiful cat run free?  I posted ads in a few local online sites and no one responded.

A big stretch, relaxing is tough work.

After that she became ours.  She has a bed and toys.  She stays outside, it's how she likes it, and comes in when the storms and rain come and also when it gets too cold.  But once everything settles she is itching to go back outside.  She has a very nice life now and we love her.

Sadie May sitting pretty for her picture.

Sadie and LuLu Belle have learned how to respect each other's space, which is why I don't have a picture of the two of them together.


  1. That cat is beautiful! I love Wednesday Window!!

    1. Thanks Ellen. I'm really trying to get some sort of schedule for my blog posts. With work it's hard to stay on top of it during the week.


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