Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New Day...A New Lifestyle...A Smaller ME

A new day has dawned and with it a positive outlook.

Here is my new realistic healthy lifestyle plan.  I say realistic because
I am aware of the pitfalls involved with lasting change and intend to
conquer them step-by-step with consistent, mindful determination.
These extra 25 pounds didn't jump on my frame overnight so I know
they won't instantly fall off.

As a 47, soon to be 48, year old woman my body is in a hormonal flux.
The waning estrogen is slowing my metabolism so my body doesn't
burn calories as efficiently as it once did. As you can see by the attached link I've done my homework.

First, why do I want to lose weight?  What's my motivation?


Simply stated I'm a size 12/14 physically with a size 8/10 mentality.
A merging of these selves is mandatory.

Rather than rely solely on the scale, I'll be using body measurements
to track my progress.

My goal is a smaller, toned version of me.

Second, how will I achieve this new smaller toned body?


I'm committed to a structured at-home exercise plan.

It's proven that to lose weight easier we must move our bodies.  Here's my plan.

Monday and Thursday - 30 minute Stationary Bike Ride or 8 miles

Tuesday and Friday - Yoga Practice 20 - 30  minutes

Wednesday and Sunday - Strength Train
Saturday - Relax

Changing the way I eat

Eating 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks = 1800/2000 calories per day
Breakfast 300 - 400
Snack 100 - 200
Lunch 500
Snack 100 - 200
Dinner 650

This is a realistic breakdown of calories for me.

I will be planning my meals and creating a shopping
list on a weekly basis.

I'll share low-cal, healthy recipes throughout my journey.

Now onto portion control, my nemesis!
These images will assist me as I make my food and  portion choices.

Third, I'll be taking Verithin with it's 3-Way approach to
weight loss/management for 30 days.  I'll check in with
you weekly to share the journey.

As stated in the directions I'll take 1 capsule 1/2 hour before
both breakfast and dinner with a large glass of water.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle of Verithin
is the wonderful berry smell.  No stinky capsule here.

Here is my current weight and body shape from

My current measurements are as follows:

Bust - 40"                  
R Upper Arm - 12 1/4"
L Upper Arm - 12"    
Waist - 36 1/2"              
Hips - 43 1/2"
R Thigh - 26 3/4"
R Calf - 15 1/4"
L Thigh - 26 1/2"
L Calf - 15 1/4

My weight is 175

I'll update these statistics at the end of my 30 day journey.

As with any weight loss/management product please consult with your physician to be sure you are able to take Verithin.  I have consulted with my physician and have been cleared to use Verithin as part of my healthy living program.


  1. Good for you, Barbara! I need to shed a few pounds as well and I am going to try to get a good start during the month of June! It's my goal to exercise everyday in June at the very least - at most it's my goal to walk or run 5km every day! Good luck to us both!

    Brandy's Bustlings

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brandy. I'd really like to lose 20 pounds. Exercising I will attempt 6 days a week as stated. Off to a great start. I wish you well. Keep me posted.

  2. Thank you for sharing your new lifestyle changes. I was exactly where you're at size-wise and mental size-wise. I like to eat waaaaay tooo much, so portions were high on priority list of things to be mindful of. I never really thought I could do it this time...but I've lost 22 lbs since the first of the year and down to a size 10. I'm thrilled. At 52 there'll be no more aiming for size 4-6. I'm too realistic for that these days and I know my body does not want to be there. I'll be even happier with a size 8 if I can make that happen without starvation or detriment to my happiness. :) Good luck to you!

    1. No way you are 52! You look amazing. Realistically I will never be a size 4-6 either. I will be happy to be a 10 again. Thank you for the encouragement. I'd like to know any tricks you'd be willing to share. Congratulations on your -22 lbs success. That's awesome!

    2. I tried to find your email, but will have to say this here....These are things I'm sure you're aware of, but what I'm doing that helps me. I keep a spreadsheet on Google Docs divided up by months/yr. In each months folder I track every single day of food I eat. I plan out ahead of time (usually weekly) what I will eat for the upcoming week...for every meal and snacks. If I deviate from that list I just adjust it accordingly. I keep track of the calories to the right column of every food (looking things up and approximating as best I can). Then I highlight and get the sum total for the day of those calories. I can adjust my food and intake to get the desired total I want.
      I think I must be somewhat hypoglycemic and so try to make sure I eat something (especially before noon) to keep me going. I try to divide out my calories in a way that suits my body and metabolism. I am trying to limit my nighttime snacking, which is a big thing for hubby and me during our evening movies. ha I have discovered WW English Toffee ice cream bars and they satisfy me at 100 calories (while he eats his milk shake and cake). If I want salty I've been eating chex mix, but have to ration it out carefully. I used to gorge on tortilla chips and salsa or guacomole, but I recognize that as a definite weakness and have tried to stay away from that particular snack because I don't control myself with it very well. haha I SHOULD exercise... I have a very nice treadmill. Right HERE. But, yeah....I don't use it. Good intentions. Trying to limit the eating out too. I ALWAYS take my lunch to work. Hubby and I don't eat out that often and even less now, so that's helped. Planning and counting the calories and trying to keep on track and not overdo it or go off track too often is the key for me so far. It's really, really, super duper slow now, so trying not to bounce back up and get some more off if possible. Just being mindful of what and how much I'm eating is working as long as I am consistent and keep it up...which is where I've failed in the past. Or lost 30-50 pounds numerous times only to gain it all back. Don't want to do that this time. This is a new and healthier eating lifestyle that I hope to maintain.
      Sorry this is so long.

    3. Hi Lisa, I sent you an email. I hope you received it. I am interested to know more about your successful journey. Thanks for sharing yourself with me.

  3. Hi Barbara!!

    It's me your Cara Box partner!! I've finally found your place on the web...had to sort though my I love this article...this is great inspiration... I am going through a weight and life change too and want to stop the dieting and make a lifestyle change.... I am planning to document mine soon on my blog.... I look forward to following your journey.

    Heelz Stay High Blog


    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for stopping by. I posted the second blog for this journey just a few minutes ago. You'll have to check it out when you have a chance.
      I agree lifestyle change is the way to go. I just haven't quite figured it out yet. But I keep trying and I believe that this time I've got a great plan.


Recognition is the greatest motivator.