Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Verithin and Me - A 30 Day Journey

If you search weight loss on the web or facebook you will have many options at your fingertips. Due to a facebook feed I was introduced to Verithin.  Once I had access to their facebook page and then to their website I began my research.   I was intrigued by the ingredients in their product, all of which are today's most popular ingredients for weight loss/management.  

Green Coffee Bean Extract - In all the research on record, scientists note that it is the chlorogenic acid, working with the small amounts of naturally-occurring caffeine in green coffee extract, that is responsible for its slimming benefits.

Raspberry Ketone - According to research this compound appears to assist  in weight management in two ways.  First, evidence suggests it interferes with the absorption of fat.  Second, it appears to promote lipolysis, (fat breakdown).  Emerging research also indicates the potential to promote thermogenesis (production of heat within the body)

White Kidney Bean Extract - Neutralizes the alpha amylase enzyme before it can convert starch into glucose, allowing carbohydrates to pass through the system with less caloric impact.

Green Tea leaf Extract - One of the most widely researched herbal aids for weight management.  The key benefits are the ability to promote metabolic activity and scavenge free radicals which may lead to weight gain.

Cocoa Bean Extract - Experts are calling this nature's superfruit.  The antioxidant properties are associated with a substantial reduction in cholesterol levels.

Ginger Root Powder - An excellent stomach soother and digestive tonic improving digestion.

Cinnamon Root Powder - Supports a healthy metabolic function along with the ability to maintain healthy glucose levels.  

Grape Seed Extract - Thought to delay the absorption of food, which means you won't feel hungry and therefore eat less food.

Once a week Verithin asks a trivia question, via facebook, based on healthy living.  Here's a typical question.

~ It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for our weekly trivia contest! First person to answer the question correctly wins a free 30 day supply of Verithin! Good luck everyone! 
Question: Fact or Fiction- Does muscle weigh more than fat?  Barbara A Mizzoni Young Fiction ~

I answered the question correctly and won the contest which is a 30 day supply of Verithin.

This is my first post about this new weight loss/management product.  

I will begin my 30 Day Journey on June 1st.  I will post a picture of my 
starting weight along with my measurements.  Every week I will update  my stats for all to see.  

As with all weight loss/management products please consult with your physician and make sure you are able to take Verithin. I have consulted with my physician and have been cleared to use Verithin as part of my healthy living program.   

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