Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weight of the World...Kim Kardashian

I can't help but wonder why the World is captivated by Kim Kardashian and her weight gain.  Folks everywhere are filled with glee that she is pregnant and gaining weight.  Pictures delight us of her ever growing thighs and derriere.  Could women of the world be happier?  How utterly wrong of us!!!

If you've ever had children you know that you will gain weight (most women anyway).  Pregnancy churns up some very invasive and active hormones.  I, myself gained 45 pounds with my first pregnancy and 50 pounds with my second pregnancy.  I was lucky enough to lose ALL my pregnancy weight, some of us aren't so lucky.  I have to thank GOD that I wasn't a celebrity.  Oh, how the hounds would have loved to snap photos of me scarfing down McDonald's french fries and meatball grinders during pregnancy #1.  With pregnancy #2 the photos of me eating bag after bag of chips and french bread would have caused a frenzy.

Some would say that's the price you pay for fame.  And I do agree.  What I have a problem digesting is that women are fascinated and cheering on by Kim's weight gain because it makes them feel better.  "If Kim is getting fatter, she'll soon look like me!"  In many women's minds this gives them a sense of security.

Women need to realize that we are NOT THE SAME!!! as Kim Kardashian or any other celebrities.  We are Moms, (single, divorced, fat, skinny, white, black, etc...) who are average, normal women trying to make the best of our simple worlds.

It astounds me that we could lap up so much pleasure from someone else's pain.  Yes, Kim is gaining weight, however, I still say she's beautiful and her man LOVES her!!!


  1. You are so lucky! After 3 years, I am still struggling to fight the baby weight. I'm planning for another baby but I don't want to get pregnant again before I reach to my healthy ideal weight. Kim is beautiful, anyway. I think it's just her choice of maternity clothes that makes her look bigger than she is. It's normal for pregnant woman to gain weight during pregnancy. But she is celebrity. Constant criticism is a price of fame.


    1. My 2 boys are 31 and 24. Yes, I did lose all the weight I gained with each pregnancy, but since I am now peri-menopausal I have put on over 30 pounds. Once you hit menopause everything changes and new obstacles get in the way of successful weight loss. I am always dieting, or eating right as I choose to call it. I wish you luck in your battle to lose weight. Please share any tips that are working for you.

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