Sunday, April 7, 2013

Motorcycle Passenger Novice

 Much to my horror my love decided today was the day I should earn my motorcycle passenger wings.  I have nothing against motorcycles as long as I don't have to ride one.  This was all about to change, after all I did buy a leather jacket and boots just for the occasion.  I just thought I would have more time to get it right in my head.  Nope, today is the day.

Me: "I don't have a helmet."

My love:  "You can wear mine."

Me:  "What will you wear?"

My love:  "My bandanna."

Me: "But..."

My love:  "Come here let me adjust the helmet for you."

This is the helmet I wore for my first ride.  At this point an even bigger problem is beginning to rear it's ugly head.  What the heck am I going to do with my hair?  I'm going to have helmet hair.  The Progressive Insurance commercial comes to mind, you know the one.  Winging it, I leave my hair down, put the helmet on and hope for the best.

Now that's tackled back to the the issue of the ride.  I can't let my love down, he has been looking forward to taking me for a ride for awhile.  Truth be told, I'm delighted that he is hoping that I love to ride as much as he does. That he wants to share his passion for riding with me.  It makes me feel important to him.  It makes me feel loved.  This is why I am conquering my fear and going for a ride.

Getting on a motorcycle is not as easy as you would think.  After a few false starts I finally get on the bike.  It is a cruiser and has a second seat with a backrest, just for me.  My love tells me to just sit back and relax.  Ha, I am holding onto him for dear life and he is just "walking" the bike through the gate.  He squeezes my leg and we're off.

After a few minutes I am beginning to understand the "freedom" of the ride.  I loosen my grip on my love, lean back and enjoy the ride.  The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, and I am a passenger on a motorcycle.  And I find I actually like it.  The wind at times can be harsh, fluctuating from warm to cool it is constant.  The changing winds float over our skin and feel like a determined caress.  The scenery seems different sitting on the back of a bike.  There is nothing between us and it.  My senses are on full alert. I feel ALIVE!

We ride for 50 miles in total.  That's over 1 hour.  I am quite impressed with myself.  Taking off the helmet I am prepared for the worst.  In reality my hair is a bit tangled but otherwise just fine.  I am elated.  I head inside to shop for my very own helmet.  It should be delivered in the next week, just in time for our next ride.


  1. Awesome! Didn't know "your love" had a motorcycle. I'm terrified of them myself. Been on one and I was like 18 years old. That was a crotch-rocket tho. I've been telling Chris he need a motorcycle to save money on gas! Is that the helmet you're getting? love it. You also need one of those bandanna things you put around your face with the skeleton teeth on it. Haha!!

    1. Yes we are now a motorcycle duo. It definitely saves a ton on gas, since "my love", (agreed I wouldn't mention his name in posts) works in the Villages. Yes, that is the helmet I am getting. We ordered my love a skeleton face wrap. I'll send you a picture. I never would have thought I'd enjoy riding, however I do!!!

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