Sunday, March 24, 2013

The wait is over.

It's been 133 days since my last period.  That's 19 weeks.  Today I begin the count again.  According to my Dr. I have to be without a cycle for 1 full year to be considered in menopause.  I have been a participant to this song and dance now for about 2 years, although this is the longest wait yet.

My hormones are very confused about how to behave.  They were usually very reliable about doing their job.  I could count out 20-25 days and yup around day 15- 20 I could feel the crankiness coming on and then a few days later I knew I wasn't pregnant. Yippee!  I did have a rather short cycle but it was constant. There were times when I was so grateful to see the first spotting, I know you know what I mean.  And at other times it was dreaded.  Vacation anyone?  Was it only me.  But every time we made plans to go away my period thought it was invited too!  I would try to figure out how to hide from it by forecasting with the calendar, most of the time without success.

The first time I  missed a period, besides my 2 pregnancies, I was 45.  I remember buying a pregnancy test and holding my breath while praying not to see the + sign.  In 2 excruciating minutes I found I was not to have a 3rd child.  Whew!  I did not want to be "that" woman.  Since then I have had many more missed periods.  It is becoming normal.  I admit it's rather nice not having to deal with pads, tampons, leaks and general yuckiness.  On the other hand this means I am ageing.  This is a bit harder to stomach.  I was at the Dr. last month and was handed a pamphlet about what to expect during menopause. After skimming through it I can tell you there is not much to look forward to besides not having a period.  We'll talk about that on another post.

So, although I don't particularly care for my period I am actually almost happy that it's decided to visit with me again like a long lost friend.


  1. I can't wait till my shit is over with!!

  2. It's facing the fact that I am aging that is the hardest part of facing menopause...oh...and the crazy hormone thing going on! Insomnia, night-sweats and full-blown anxiety! None of which are pleasant on their own but all together even tougher. When I finally decided to face facts and talk to the doctor, I actually found there could be relief from these symptoms that didn't require HRT, which I really wasn't prepared for!

    I am however, looking forward to the day when the periods are gone...the mystery of not knowing when the next will arrive is a little off-putting.

    Hang in there! We can be fabulous even after menopause!


  3. Laura, with the help of your blog I know I will look fabulous as long as I follow your advice. The physical changes are happening so fast and that's frightening to me. You mentioned anxiety and I feel relieved that this is another symptom that someone else is experiencing. I thought I was going crazy. There is not much "talk" about anxiety. Thank you for sharing


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