Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning Fling

I woke this morning to see the sun peeking around the window shade.  Spring Cleaning Day today.  Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday and will be spent with family and friends all the chores must be done today.

Fortified with coffee I made my way to the master bathroom, my first stop.  This is MY bathroom.  It substitutes as my dressing room, makeup counter, hair styling area,closet, and quiet place.   Unfortunately it can become messy as it serves so many purposes.  I am in a cleaning frenzy.  Floors mopped, shower stall, toilet, and sink are sparkling, mirror and walls wiped down.  My space looks and smells divine.  But the water is really taking a long time to drain.  Hmmm.  My main goal here is to clear the sink drain of all mushy yucky stuff (mys).   After removing the stopper, I attack the mys with my cleaning toothbrush.  I manage to get lots of mys out.  It's really gross, but the water is going down quicker.  Feeling confident I push the toothbrush further down the drain and I am making great progress.  More water draining even faster.  Becoming overzealous I somehow force too much mys down and now the water is creeping up to my wrist.  Great, now no water is draining and mys is floating in the sink.  Why oh why did I even start this?  My love suggests a plunger.  Sounds like a good idea.  In reality it's a terrible idea.  Why??? Because all the mys water in the sink is now all over my clean bathroom!  Out to the store to buy some Drano.  Following the directions on the bottle and still clogged.  Try it again, as bottle says.  Still nothing.  Back to the plunger idea and lo and behold the water goes down, down, down along with all the mys.  After the second cleaning the bathroom has never looked better.

That's it for me today.  The rest of the house will have to wait til next weekend.  My hands should be healed up by then.


  1. Too funny. Had to clean that sucker twice! Sounds like my house. Cleaned the whole effing bathroom and then the freaking toilet over flows!!! REALLY!!!!

    I was NOT happy.



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