Friday, March 22, 2013

Sleeping in salt

Sound familiar?  It's all about the hot flash.  About 9 months ago my first sweat session began.  I have always been a "heater" as my love calls me.  This was an inferno.  Whew!!!  I thought "I need to turn up the air."  Living in Florida in the middle of July this is normal.  A degree lower every night for a few nights brought no relief.  Thermostat read 68 and my love was an ice cube.

A quote that I loved came to my mind during this time...

Much to my chagrin I was told by my Pharmacist I was experiencing a classic case of hot flashes.  I should have expected this, I'd been warned by my Gynecologist this was coming due to my history.  (More on this in another post)  Estroven to the rescue.  Within 3 days the flashes had become mere trickles.

I have learned to respect what my body is trying to tell me. Change is imminent.  Yet a new experience in life begins.  I treat the occasional hot flash as a way to cure my body of any lingering issues I may be guarding.  The cure being sweating it out.  It's time to let go of the known path and travel the path unknown.  I am ready to listen and learn.

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