Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Positive thoughts

I have been challenged by a person dear to my heart, who is the smiley face among all the sad faces (you know who you are), to find something positive about ageing and menopause.  I have thought long and hard, read numerous articles and googled "positve things about menopause".  There is really not much out there other than

  1. No more periods or PMS.
  2. You can have as much sex as you want without the fear of becoming pregnant.  (That's only if you've hit full blown menopause, but once there all the research points out you'll be so dried up you can't or don't want to have sex, unless you use some sort of prescription cream/gel/patch/pill to lubricate...oh sorry, this was supposed to be positive.)
SO...........I really had to dig deep inside myself and consider where my life is headed now as opposed to where my life was before the big "M" surfaced.

Actually I'm peri-"M, there's a Positive!!!  I have the opportunity to do the research and learn about all the changes that my mind/body will be going through.  I can talk to other women who are traveling the same road and learn from those that have already driven through.  By listening and absorbing I will be able to apply those experiences to me and hopefully pass them along to others.

Right now my life is headed in a direction I never thought I'd be taking.  I am a blogger and LOVING it.  Being a blogger is opening up so many doors for me I am overwhelmed, yet delighted.  Another Positive!!!

More Positives!!!

  1. My oldest son lives in New York is a successful businessman, has found the love of his life, a wonderful place to come home to every day and people to share it with.
  2. My youngest son lives close to home, is learning more about his field of work every day, has a wonderful wife and blessed child, my grandson who is the wonder of my world, and a warm, safe place to call home.

In reality the Positives are there staring me in the eye.  Stopping to think and not take things for granted makes me realize just how POSITIVE my life really is.  I will "Stop and Smell the Roses"

Thanks C...


  1. I like this post. Once you are full blown Meno no pregnancy would be a major plus for me! You know how easy it is for me to get pregnant. UGH!!

  2. It was the same for me Ellen. That's why I had my tubes tied, I thought it was foolproof. Dr. informed me that because I was so young, 26, that my tubes could grow back together and later down the road I could face some issues. So far so good. Who'd a thought that at my age, 47, I'd still have to worry about pregnancy? Does it ever end? Positively, it soon will.

  3. Oh how the M can change things... After having a hysterectomy at age 31 I was happy to know I didn't have to worry about the kid thing as both of my boys were birth control babies. (yes we can hit 1% twice but not win the lottery)... LOL however getting ready to be 40 this summer I have started to have the night sweats.... Oh my how frustrating... We were actually on vacation and I had to change clothes and borrow a pair of my 16yr old's basketball shorts as my pj's were soaked. Now I pack several pairs of pajamas. But I the happy thought...I am hitting my stride in the "wifely duty dept" :) enjoying more than ever before. Glad you found my blog so I could find you :)

    1. Mixed-up hormones. I have dealt with the night sweats and solved that problem with Estoven. It has completely changed my night sweat issues. Hurray!!! I am beginning to have a bit of anxiety which I didn't realize was a common complaint for women entering the M game. Another great blogger mentioned it to me. Very interesting stuff. I love how we can all share and learn from each other. I totally agree with you about the "wifely duty dept." Something about turning 40. I can say at 47 things are still great. I wonder if my love will be able to keep up? LOL

  4. Hey Barb. I've given you a blogger award. I know you may not understand how this works. It's over at my blog.
    Basically, all you do is copy the award onto your blog(side) and you have to state 7 things about yourself and then nominate 15 other bloggers for this award. I know you may not know 15 other bloggers, but it's a great way to get to know more of us. You can nominate how ever many you want if you can't do 15. Congrats!!!
    The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.



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