Sunday, March 31, 2013

In my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it

I'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.  

I just adore this old song.  I remember listening to it as a child.  I always wore an Easter bonnet as a child on  Easter Sunday.  I will wear one again as an adult this Easter Sunday.  

Something about an Easter Bonnet says Spring and New Beginnings.  My Easter Bonnet is straw with roses, pink, orchid and purple plume feathers, wrapped in pink tulle.

Am I becoming eccentric as I age?  Bonnets and hats of all kinds should become more common.  Women wear baseball caps, cowboy hats and many others.  What about the women who wants to be chic and feminine?  We have become a casual society in our attitudes and our clothing.  Maybe it's time to go back into the archives and re-create the looks of our grandmothers.  Women who dressed every day for every moment in style.  I want to be that woman.  

Here are few photos of women who I would love to emulate.  Their confidence envelopes them and is radiated outward to those who cannot help but be aware of their presence and take notice.  How could you not be drawn to them?


  1. What about the ladies who wear the red hats? I think you're still too young for that club.
    Happy Easter.

    1. hahaha...I think you need to be over 60 and like stretchy purple leggings! Do you see me in this get-up??? Although I do appreciate the thought!!! xxx


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